Droidcon San Francisco 2016

At last week's Droidcon San Francisco, I gave my talk on "Loving Lean Layouts", watched other awesome sessions, participated in Speechless, and filmed a few interviews for Android Dialogs.

As well as enjoying high quality technical content, I had an amazing time meeting and hanging with other Android devs and designers. Y'all make my conference.


Me and the amazing Christina Lee, who gave a stellar talk on "Borrowing the Best of the Web to Make Native Better"


The Talks

Droidcon SF had an abundance of fantastic talks by an abundance of great Android devs.

The keynote: "Android Development Today" by Chet Haase and Romain Guy


Chock full of Android goodness

Touchlab (the shop that organized Droidcon NYC, the first US Droidcon) curated the technical content, and they made it difficult to have to pick between talks. Luckily for those of us who are not actually hive minds or were simply unable to attend, session recordings will soon be available on YouTube!

My Talk (and an Addendum)

I presented a slightly updated version of "Loving Lean Layouts", which I have uploaded to Speaker Deck. I also made small changes to the example code on GitHub.


If you have seen my "Loving Lean Layouts" talk, you may remember that I discuss and demo the Hierarchy Viewer. Well, I have to make an addendum, courtesy of Chet Haase. He told me that the runtimes presented by Hierarchy Viewer are super inaccurate: do not use them.

However, Chet also said that he still uses the Hierarchy Viewer as a visualization tool.
So yes, definitely use Hierarchy Viewer but just for the layout view.


For those that have not seen Speechless, it is basically a comedy improv show that provides presenters with a kind of talk (keynote, post mortem, product launch, etc.), a deck of slides that they have never seen and that are often completely insane and weird, a few nutty audience suggestions, and a mic. Hillarity ensues.

So I actually participated in Speechless at Droidcon SF. There is no recording (yay, y'all do not have to be subjected to my performance), but I will say a few things:

  • Chet Haase was a great MC. And thank goodness he was not participating: I have seen him do Speechless and he annihilates.
  • I got to participant alongside Dan Lew, which means half (2/4) of the participants from Trello. Diversity!
  • I was super hesitant about it at first, but I am super jazzed that I did it. One week later, I still have better joke ideas hit me in the shower.

If you see a Speechless at a conference near you, you should absolutely go. Just saying.

Android Dialogs

I did record a few interviews in San Francisco so keep an eye out for those in the next few weeks.


Thanks, Droidcon SF

In the end: good conference, fantastic talks, wonderful attendees, great time. Congrats to organizers Apps4All and Touchlab.