I am a Android Google Developer Expert

On March 2, 2016 the Google Experts Program accepted me as a Technology/Android expert. I feel incredibly grateful, excited, and lucky to now be a GDE. Throughout my Android life, I have relied on the contributions of GDEs to help me fix weird and nasty bugs, discover the new and sexy, learn good/best practices, and understand the inner workings of the framework.

I can only hope that I can help other devs even half as much as the GDEs have helped me.

Okay, I know that this isn't an awards show, but I really want to thank some folks.

First, thanks to Joshua Jamison who introduced me to AOSP, got me my first gig in Android, and (in my totally biased opinion) is a badass.

Seconds, thanks to Chiu-Ki Chan who is one of the most supportive, enthusiastic, and inclusive developers I have ever met and pushed me to go for this pipe dream of becoming a GDE.

Thanks to Hamid Palo, Dan Lew, Corey Latislaw, Michael Evans, Kelly Shuster, and Stephen Fluin for advice, support, and patience (with all my silly questions).

Finally, congrats to the other GDEs accepted in my "batch" and in particular, my friend and fellow Dota fanatic, Marcos Paulo Souza Damasceno.