AnDevCon 2014: "Building Custom Camera Applications"

I gave my first AnDevCon presentation this morning at AnDevCon Boston: "Building a Custom Camera Application." I again want to thank everyone who came to my session. I had a great time talking to you guys. There were a loose ends I wanted to tie up from the end of my session:

  • I have posted the code I used for my presentation today on GitHub for everyone that asked. I plan to pull some of the more reusable pieces into a library so if you are interested, please drop me an email.
  • I mentioned the ability to change rotation animation for an activity being available in API 18 (though I think I mistakenly said KitKat as well, so sorry about that). There are details in the release notes under "Rotation animations."
  • I actually had a ton more material to discuss but ended up cutting out a significant portion due to time constraints. I hope to clean-up my code and do write-up and/or follow-up blog posts.
  • As always, if you have questions or have suggestions for things you would like to see in a write-up or just want to knock heads about the Camera API (or anything else Android) please email me.

Hope everyone was able to get a little something from the presentation. I apologize for the roughness of the webcam-displaying-a-camera setup. I had tried Android device mirroring apps and tried using the webcam as a camera through an emulator but found the webcam-displaying-a-camera approach the least unpleasant. The FPS was not acceptable in either of the previous approaches. Also using the webcam with the emulator ended up being a pain: the preview was always the wrong way up (brownie points if you can give me a good guess why).

Anyway, thanks again, everyone, and hope to see you next time!