We Launched an Android YouTube Channel

Chiu-Ki Chan and I just launched a YouTube channel called Android Dialogs where we have bite-sized conversations with people in the Android community: developers, designers, anyone that works in and cares about Android.

My favorite thing about my job after actually coding is meeting other developers and designers and talking to them about what we all do. I also am adamant that one of the most important parts of that job is knowing about the people in the development community and learning from them: practical advice, latest trends and tools, innovative and creative (and sometimes crazy) ideas and techniques. Plus it is just fun to get together and chat.

So hopefully this channel can be part of that: meeting the other people in the Android community, hearing what they have to say, learning about new things, and just having fun.

We actually recorded lots of interviews already and quite a few at I/O so stayed tuned for those. Please check it out and subscribe.