Randomly Updating/Announcing: Fall 2015

After a (relative) flurry of activity in the summer, I dropped the Blog-Ball during the last few months. To break the bad streak of blog barrenness, here is a quick-as-I-can-but-not-that-quick update on the last few months for Randomly Typing.

Camera 2 API

As a follow-up to my Camera API talks last year, I presented on the Camera 2 API at several meetups and conferences. The talk consists of an overview of the changes between Camera 1 and Camera 2 with an emphasis on updates to the Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) that essentially forms the armature of Camera 2. If you want to check it out, I uploaded the slides to Speaker Deck, and there are a few recordings out there (the one below is from GDG Boulder).

Android Dialogs

Chiu-Ki Chan and I have been posting weekly (on average, we did have to do some make-up episodes) to our YouTube channel: Android Dialogs. In September, Android Dialogs gained the 500 subscribers needed to have a fancy custom url: youtube.com/androiddialogs. In fact, as of today we have over 800 subscribers.

HUGE thanks to y'all that subscribed.

We've been super lucky to have interviewed many great devs in the community like Corey Latislaw and Jake Wharton. Please check them out and check out all of our other fabulous guests.


If you've ever done iOS development, you have probably heard of (and love) raywenderlich.com (RW), a site filled with hundreds of well-crafted tutorials on various subjects but (for now) mostly iOS and game development. Whenever I do any iOS development, RW is in my list of All-Time Top 3 Sites That Are Perma-Loaded in My Browser.

Because of my long-running affection for and reliance on RW, I am über-happy to say that I have joined the burgeoning RW Android Team to help bring some more Android to the joint.

Started a New Gig

Last but by no means least, I am ecstatic to say that I joined the Android Team at Trello. While I loved being an indie contractor, I'm unbelievably excited to be part of such an amazing team and app.